Children Praying



If you have a prayer request, please contact:

Fran Delozier at 320.685.3935

Renee Theis 320.597.2749

Carol Bauer, Nell Bechtold, John Brinker, Lori B., Nancy Chirhart, Clarence Chromey, Liam Current,Kay Donabauer, Eileen Dingmann, Theresa Ehresmann, Larry Eisenschenk, Bernice Evens, Kathy Faber, Joe Froehle, Julie Froehle, Jerry Gertken, Annette Heinen, Mardell Hendricks, Margaret Henning, Carol Hensel, Sharon Janssen, James Johannes, John Kutter, Elmer Lahr,  J.J. Laverne, Dale Leither, Linda Liebl, Rudolph Lorenz, Susan Lucas, Mary Ann Moser Maus, Maverick McDonald, Walter Meemken, Tim Merten, Ann Meyer, Irene Meyer, Janet Midas, Jackie (Holthaus) Mueller, Dennis Nack, Wayne Notsch, Lisa Peine, Josephine Rausch, Marilyn Roettger, Arnie Rothstein, Cynthia Rothstein, Dot Ruegemer, Larry Ruegemer, Kevin Ruprecht, Evyn Schneider, Marcellus Schreifels, Jerry Schroeder, Norbert Schueller, Norb Silvers, Carol Spoden, Jill Spoden, Virgil Spoden, Roman Stans, Angie Taft, Eileen Thomes, Teresa Trout, John Tschumperlin, Ralph Vogt, Monica (Blasius) Wallace, Cindy Weeres, Marilyn Zenner and all who are ill and suffering.

If you know of anyone in need of a visit (i.e homebound, hospital stay, retirement home, etc.), please call your Parish Office.

Deacon Larry Sell 320.685.3280 Ext. 605

Deacon Jerry Theis 320.597.2575


We are the Centered on Christ Catholic Community: four parishes in the Diocese of Saint Cloud collaborating to form missionary disciples on fire for Christ. 


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