Saint Boniface
Cold Spring, MN

We, the Church of Saint Boniface, as a Roman Catholic parish in the Diocese of Saint Cloud that has been served by Benedictine monks and Sisters since its founding in 1878, participate in the mission of the Church given by the Lord Jesus to proclaim His Gospel and make disciples of all nations, to welcome these new disciples in praying and hospitable community, and to provide on-going formation in the discipleship of Jesus Christ. As a community of faith, we look to Saint Boniface as a model for how to live our mission. Boniface, a Benedictine monk, became the missionary sent to proclaim the Gospel to the Germanic lands.


 As a monk, Boniface would have taken the vows of conversatio, stability, and obedience. Conversatio reminds us that we must daily choose to follow Christ as His disciples. Stability challenges us to be rooted and centered in the person of Jesus Christ through His Church, founded on the rock of Saint Peter. Obedience calls us to listen to the voice of Jesus, even as He speaks through the poor, the immigrant, and the stranger.

As Saint Benedict reminds his followers, we seek to receive everyone who comes to us as though he or she is Christ Himself (RB 53).


 As a missionary, Saint Boniface faced the challenge of making the Gospel relevant to the  Germanic people. After some failed attempts at evangelization, he was finally able to preach the Gospel in a way that converted tribes and nations, and, through his leadership, was able to establish the Church in Germany. In his life as a missionary, we see ourselves who have been entrusted with this same Gospel to share it with all we encounter, taking heart when we fail, so that led by the Holy Spirit, we may bring others to Christ through His Church.

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