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Walking on Water (WOW) Information

Updated: Feb 22

Hello everyone, thanks for your willingness to check out Walking on Water and venture ever deeper in your relationship with our Lord, through and with the Holy Spirit. There is an informational video below on the WOW process.

Also below, there is an invitation to some WOW information nights coming up soon in March.

See the video below to learn what this is all about!

Click on right arrow (lower left corner) below to start video

Two separate WOW, no obligation, information nights are being held.

  • Monday March 7th, starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Church of Saints Peter and Paul (SSPP). We will meet in the Narthex (gathering space)

  • Monday March 14th at the Church of Saint Boniface (SB) in the Parish Center.

If you have been curious about Walking on Water, but want to know more before committing, this is your night!

We need Group Facilitators. Please contact Deacon Dan if you are willing. Training will be provided.

It works like this... You volunteer to be a facilitator, you invite people to your group and show up the the WOW Opening Night, called "Crossover Night", and that is how your Small Groups are formed. It will work best if you can first attend one of the above "information nights".

Why join a Small Group?

Have you considered joining a Small Group? For Lent and beyond, joining a small group, is an excellent way to grow in your faith. Small groups provide a focus, a way, to become a better disciple and keep the fire burning via regular meetings. Small groups help us to stay engaged in our intension of becoming a true disciple of Christ.

Want to know more before committing to the WOW small group process?

If you want to give your prayer life a boost, learn how to pray with Bible passages, learn how to "be still" in prayer with the Holy Spirit, please consider coming to the, no obligation, WOW information night listed above.

Questions and Answers

What is the time commitment if I join?

Plan on a whole evening for just the one-time kickoff night. After that you meet

with your Small Groups from 60 to 90 minutes a week. The prayer commitment is 20 minutes per day. This is typical with small groups

How long does this go?

It is up to you! The full package includes enough material for 48 sessions.

** Form a group, try one "Profound Truth" segment, a commitment of 7 weeks, and

go from there.

What do the process materials cost?

$30 one time purchase; we have the materials available.

Can I check this out and then decide if I want to be involved later?

Just come to one of the information nights listed above.

Don't worry about the details, step by step instructions will be provided after you join.

Peace in Christ,

Deacon Dan

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