Legion of Mary


The Legion of Mary (LOM) is one of the largest Catholic lay organizations in the world. It’s established in over 90% of the Diocese; including the St. Cloud Diocese.

The LOM is the extension of the heart and hands of the pastor . Its’ purpose is the personal Sanctification of members and evangelization of others. It was founded by the late Frank Duff in 1921 in Dublin , Ireland.

Members are enabled to see Christ in others and serve Him in them by developing a closer relationship with Christ thru prayer(rosary) and study of the teachings of the Catholic Church, working hand-in-hand with the B. V. Mary in humble guidance of the parish priest as instruments of the Holy Spirit doing his work.

Active members meet weekly (Praesidium) for prayer/study/& sharing reports on assignments(works).  Auxiliary members promise to pray a rosary each day plus the LOM prayer leaflet: the Tessera. All are invited to get-together twice a year as "Mary’s Army"!


The International LOM Concilium bulletin is available on: TBD

The Tessera is also available on this site in different languages. The Legion of Mary official website is: https://www.legionofmary.ie

To join, contact Deacon Dan at the parish offices.