Adult Discipleship

Therapy Session
Small Group Experience

We have many groups that you can be a part of.  Consider joining one of our groups by contacting us either via phone or email.  

Friends Drinking Coffee
Friends of Faith

Consider joining one of our many groups by

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Justice and Charity

We have many groups that you can be a part of.  Consider joining one of our groups by contacting us either via phone or email.  

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Walking On Water

Walking on Water is a structured Small Group process. We encourage you to continue in your group after Lent, taking breaks as to fit the needs of the group. Small groups are an excellent way to grow in your faith, make close faith based friendships, and a means to an end, to  become a true Disciple of Jesus Christ. Walking on Water is a structured small group offering.


To get all the details and latest information, see the Walking on Water Blog via this link.

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary (LOM) is one of the largest Catholic lay organizations in the world. It’s established in over 90% of the Diocese; including the St. Cloud Diocese.

The LOM is the extension of the heart and hands of the pastor . Its’ purpose is the personal Sanctification of members and evangelization of others. It was founded by the late Frank Duff in 1921 in Dublin , Ireland.

Members are enabled to see Christ in others and serve Him in them by developing a closer relationship with Christ thru prayer(rosary) and study of the teachings of the Catholic Church, working hand-in-hand with the B. V. Mary in humble guidance of the parish priest as instruments of the Holy Spirit doing his work.

Active members meet weekly (Praesidium) for prayer/study/& sharing reports on assignments(works).  Auxiliary members promise to pray a rosary each day plus the LOM prayer leaflet: the Tessera. All are invited to get-together twice a year as "Mary’s Army"!


The International LOM Concilium bulletin is available on: TBD

The Tessera is also available on this site in different languages. The Legion of Mary official website is:

To join, contact Deacon Dan at the parish offices.

The Marian Movement of Priest - Prayer Cenacle

We are lay members of the Marian Movement of Priests. We join prayer for one hour a week to pray for Priests, The Church, the world, for souls, and for our parish and our families. We would like to extend an invitation to anyone who feels the need for prayer in this time we live in! Join us Monday mornings, after 8:30 Mass at the Church of Saint Boniface in Cold Spring, immediately after Mass.

Official Website - click the this link -  Marian Movement of Priest

To ask questions, or join, contact Deacon Dan at our Parish Offices.